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Bosch Beton applies strict quality conditions to its products. We are in possession of KOMO certification for agricultural concrete products, for concrete construction units and for liquid-proof concrete construction units. This certification guarantees the quality of our products.


Our constant emphasis on quality makes us an industry forerunner in the construction and manufacture of retaining walls. With a Bosch Beton retaining wall, you are assured of a product that complies with the latest Eurocode requirements and standards.


Since 2009, the products manufactured by Bosch Beton have complied with all the applicable European Directives. We are in possession of FPC certification.


Bosch Beton was the first retaining wall manufacturer in Western Europe to supply retaining walls made from certified high-strength concrete. This quality means that Bosch Beton products are extremely durable. That is why we have the confidence to supply our products with a written factory warranty of no less than twenty years.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2015, our goal is to manufacture our products according to the environmental requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. In addition to this, we are constantly striving towards a reduction in CO2 emissions.


Since 2017, Bosch Beton, as one of the first worldwide, holds the CSC-Certificate. Worldwide, we even are the first Dutch concrete products company specializing in retaining walls that has this certification. With this certificate, Bosch Beton shows that it produces sustainable and responsible concrete products, by meeting a number of strict requirements.