Partitioning walls

Partitioning walls

Freestanding walls for self-supporting structures or for structures supported by soil embankments

TWA retaining wall


TWA retaining wall in mm

H H* B L
TWA100 1150 1000 1280 3995
TWA125 1400 1250 1480 3995
TWA150 1650 1500 1680 3995
TWA175 1910 1750 1900 3995
TWA200 2160 2000 2020 3995
TWA250 2710 2500 2260 3995
TWA300 3245 3000 2600 2495
TWA400 4350 4000 3100 2495
U retaining wall

Sleufsilo tussenwand u-keerwand met hakSleufsilo tussenwand t-keerwand zonder hak

U retaining wall in mm

H* B L Heel Weight
U100 1165 1250 3995 3780
U125 1415 1250 3995 4360
U150 1680 1250 3995 5115
U150hak 1532 1450 3995 80 5435
U175hak 1782 1450 3995 80 6085
U200hak 2050 1550 3995 130 6795
U250hak 2540 1900 3995 180 8990
U300hak 3020 2150 3995 180 11420


Stairs in mm

H* W below W above L Weight
U150 1050 964 1010 960 1318
U175 1260 950 1005 1150 1838
U200 1470 935 1000 1340 2195
U250 1890 1166 1250 1720 3627
U300 2100 1406 1500 1910 4892

New characteristics also applied to partitioning walls

The new agricultural LA retaining wall is also available as a partitioning wall called the TWA retaining wall. This is a space-saving solution. Both sides of this partitioning wall can handle an axle weight of 20 tonnes. Contact us if you would like more information about this solution.

Dual-loadbearing partitioning walls

Partitioning walls form a space-saving solution when it comes to storage systems that involve separate silos. For such dual-loadbearing solutions, we manufacture the T retaining wall and the U retaining wall. Both are constructed in such a way that they can bear loads on either side without the need for counter pressure.

The T retaining wall is self-supporting and dual-loadbearing. As a result, this retaining wall saves space and is an attractive option in terms of cost. Maximum vehicle load capacity is no less than an axle weight of 15 tonnes right up to the rim! However, it is important that the foot of the T retaining wall is secured in place with concrete or brickwork.

U retaining walls can also carry an axle weight of 15 tonnes right to the rim. This retaining wall must be filled with sand to prevent it from tilting. A significant advantage of the U wall is the fact that there is always space between the various storage areas for e.g. a walkway. We can supply end units with the U walls that can simply be installed at the front or back of the bunker silo.

Certified manufacture
These TWA retaining walls are manufactured from C60/75 high-strength concrete and fall within the top XA3 environmental category. They are also CE and KOMO certified. This means that these retaining walls are manufactured with full European standard certification. All visible surfaces are smoothly finished. These bunker silo walls have a proven 20-year factory warranty against breakage, so this quality is your guarantee!

Sleufsilo tussenwand u-keerwand met hak

U retaining wall with heel

Sleufsilo tussenwand t-keerwand zonder hak

U retaining wall

TWA retaining wall

Sleufsilo Trap


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