LA retaining walls

LA retaining walls

Bosch Beton presents its new generation of retaining walls

combining fifty years of experience and quality

LA retaining wall


LA with long foot    LA with short foot

Also available as the TWA retaining wall

Long foot

Long food = freestanding
LA retaining wall in mm

H H* B L
LA100V 1150 1000 1430 3995
LA125V 1400 1250 1580 3995
LA150V 1650 1500 1680 3995
LA175V 1910 1750 1950 3995
LA200V 2160 2000 2070 3995
LA250V 2710 2500 2310 3995
LA300V 3245 3000 2700 2495
LA400V 4350 4000 3300 2495
Short foot

Short foot = soil embankment
LA retaining wall in mm

H H* B L
LA150G 1650 1500 1180 3995
LA175G 1910 1750 1400 3995
LA200G 2160 2000 1470 3995
LA250G 2710 2500 1710 3995
LA300G 3245 3000 2100 2495
LA400G 4350 4000 2800 2495

LA retaining walls

The new LA retaining wall combines all the knowledge and expertise gained by Bosch Beton over the past forty years. Find out how this bunker silo wall can benefit you!

  • Compact ensilaging with a load capacity of up to an axle weight of 20 tonnes
  • No minimum rim distance
  • Better safety and ease of use
  • Optimum feed preservation
  • Greater quality at the same price

LAS retaining walls
The new LAS retaining wall has a self-supporting axle load of 10 tons. When using a soil embankment, this will increase to 15 tons. Just like our other agricultural walls, it has a wide bumper and 0 cm safety distance for silage. This is important, because this allows you to optimally compact your roughage up to the edge.

  • self-supporting axle load of 10 tons;
  • when using soil embankment axle load of 15 tons;
  • no safety distance;
  • optimal compaction.

Quality guaranteed, which is why this agricultural wall carries a factory warranty of no less than twenty years.

New characteristics also applied to partitioning walls

The new agricultural LA retaining wall is also available as a partitioning wall called the TWA retaining wall. This is a space-saving solution. Both sides of this partitioning wall can handle an axle weight of 20 tonnes. Contact us if you would like more information about this solution.


LA retaining wall with short foot


LA retaining wall with long foot


TWA retaining wall

Unique characteristics of the new generation of bunker silo walls:

  • Compact, safe and easy ensilaging with axle weight of up to 20 tonnes
  • Optimum feed preservation thanks to compacting with no minimum rim distance
  • Ideal height for efficient ensilaging
  • Walls available for the construction of freestanding bunker silos or silos with soil embankment
  • Unique buffers provide extra protection against damage and effluent leakage
  • Ideal drainage of effluent thanks to minimal foot slope
  • New coupling strip system provides extra protection in case of possible subsidence
  • Optimum user-friendliness thanks to flat top surface and rounded edges
  • Longer foot means that less bunker silo flooring is required
  • Manufactured and certified in accordance with latest mandatory Eurocode (construction requirements)
  • High-density and smooth concrete structure thanks to use of certified high-strength concrete
  • Best price-quality ratio in the industry
  • 20-year factory warranty

“By choosing the new generation retaining walls I chose for pure quality.”

Dairy famer Neppelenbroek

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