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Bunker silo by Bosch Beton

Bosch Beton retaining walls are ideal for the construction of bunker silos. Industry leader Bosch Beton offers a generation of bunker silo walls that provide the best and most durable solutions for the storage of silage or manure, ensuring optimum silage preservation, safe ensilaging & unloading and guaranteed quality in both the present and the future. Our concrete units also offer the ideal solution for farmyard partitioning.

Tailor-made bunker silo advice
Contact us to find out how our innovative Bosch Beton bunker silo walls can benefit you. Our professionals will gladly inform you about the options and advise you on which bunker silo walls are best suited to your situation. They investigate aspects such as the layout of your property and available access routes, thereby ensuring that your bunker silo is positioned in such a way that maximum efficiency is guaranteed.

Types of bunker silo walls
Bosch Beton bunker silo walls are available in a range of heights and have unique quality characteristics. Take a look at the different types of bunker silo walls and determine which type fully matches your needs. In addition to bunker silo walls, we also supply slabs for solid bunker silo floors. Read more about our flooring options.

Advantages of Bosch Beton bunker silo walls

  • Certified construction
    Bosch Beton manufactures bunker silo walls in full compliance with the strict quality requirements set by Agricultural Concrete Product certification.
  • Twenty-year warranty
    With bunker silo walls from Bosch Beton, you benefit from a warranty of no less than twenty years.
  • No minimum rim distance
    Safe and compact ensilaging up to an axle weight of twenty tonnes. This is necessary for optimum feed preservation, especially in the corners of bunker silos.
  • Certified C60/75 concrete quality
    Highly smooth and even bunker silo walls with strong corrosion resistance for a longer lifespan.
  • Stress test
    An extra test confirms that our certified bunker silo walls amply meet load pressure requirements when used in practice.
  • Service
    Free silo inspection after two to three years and a team that is always available to lend a helping hand.
  • Family business
    Bosch Beton is and will always be a family business with an agricultural background that constantly strives towards 100% customer satisfaction. For you, this means short supply lines, speed and practical solutions.
  • New generation
    Forty years’ worth of knowledge and skill is combined in our new generation of bunker silo walls. This experience means that these retaining walls are some of the best ever manufactured.
  • Supplied from stock
    Prompt delivery and professional installation of hardened wall units. Your silo can be used immediately.
  • Ensilaging at a gradient of up to 28°
    For maximum preservation and the safety of people and equipment.
  • Optimum retention
    At least 33% dry matter and a chop length of six to eight millimetres for optimum retention of carbohydrates and proteins in corn.

Obligation-free advice

Would you like to know how Bosch Beton can be of service to you? Then complete the below contact form or call our consultants on +31(0)342 – 44 10 50 for obligation-free advice. You can also use this form to request the Bosch Beton brochure with information about bunker silo walls and our company.

Bosch Beton bunker silo configurator

Simply plan your bunker silo with the Bosch Beton bunker silo configurator. Choose your type of bunker silo wall, specify the dimensions and enter your preferred flooring. Send your request and you will receive tailor-made advice within 24 hours.

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