Bosch Beton one of the First to Receive the International CSC Certificate

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Bosch Beton as one of the first companies worldwide received the international Concrete Sustainability Council Certificate (CSC-certificate). Bosch Beton received this international certificate for sustainable concrete production from Ron Leppers of SGS Intron, during the Building Holland event in the Amsterdam RAI. With this Certificate, Bosch Beton demonstrates that it produces sustainable and responsible concrete products by meeting a number of strict requirements.

The CSC Certificate shows that a company operates in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. These relevant aspects are found back in inter alia the production process of a company.

The CSC Certificate has been developed by the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC), a group of international cement and concrete companies, together with a number of representative associations from the branch of industry. The purpose of the CSC Certificate is to demonstrate to customers and stakeholders that the concrete products of the relevant company are durable and meet a number of strict requirements. These are quality, safety and environmental requirements.

From the beginning, Bosch Beton has been closely involved in setting up the pilot for the CSC Certificate. During that pilot project, which was started in 2014, various parties in the concrete sector brainstormed together about the CSC Certificate. The end result: the first worldwide certification of a Dutch concrete product company, specialized in retaining walls.

Watch the certificate here.

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