Accessories & options

For Bosch Beton retaining walls

In addition to retaining walls, Bosch Beton also supplies a wide range of accessories such as gravel bags, gutters and effluent tanks. There are also various available options for finishing your retaining walls according to your own style.

Gravel bags

When combined with lashing straps, gravel bags keep agricultural sheeting and silage covers in place and improve feed preservation. They are made from durable woven PE. Empty gravel bags weigh 200 g and are equipped with nylon drawstrings and handgrips. Dimensions are 125 x 27 cm.

Bosch Beton supplies gravel bags empty or filled according to preference. Empty bags are supplied per carton containing 5 sets of 50 bags. Filled bags weigh approximately 18 kg each. We fill them with 4/16 mm round gravel. One side of the bag has a handgrip and the other is stitched shut with nylon cord. Filled gravel bags are supplied per stack of fifty. You can collect from us or we can deliver to you.


Bosch Beton supplies prefab V-shaped gutters and concealed gutters for the capture and drainage of liquid around bunker silos. These V-shaped gutters and concealed gutters can be purchased from Bosch Beton, but buyers must arrange their own installation.

Prefab V-shaped gutter
The prefabricated V-shaped gutter is a highly affordable solution for the drainage of effluent and rainwater. Its simple design means that it is easy to clean and guarantees enough drainage capacity. V-shaped gutters are available in two sizes: 100 x 50 x 14 cm and 200 x 100 x 14 cm.

Concealed gutter
The concealed gutter consists of a narrow concrete beam with a groove that runs along the top. Effluent runs through this groove into a pipe inside the beam through which it is drained. The advantage of this gutter is the fact that it forms no obstacle to vehicles used for ensilaging or unloading purposes. Concealed gutters with dimensions of 200 x 50 x 33 cm are available.

Inlet wells

Inlet wells are separation systems that ensure that silage effluent and rainwater are separated. They have two outlets. One runs into an effluent tank while the other leads back into the environment. By closing one of these outlets, the user can determine where the liquid released by the silage should go.

Effluent tanks

The capture of effluent and fermentation liquid is becoming more and more important. Bosch Beton supplies these concrete tanks to round off your bunker silo system. To ensure the durability of these tanks, they are coated on the inside. Tanks are available in the following volumes as standard:

  • 2000 litres
  • 2600 litres
  • 5000 litres
  • 7500 litres
  • 10000 litres
  • 15000 litres
  • 20000 litres

The tops of these tanks are fitted with manholes through which contents can be vacuumed out.

Sealing kits

The Sikaflex Pro-3 kit is ideal for sealing bunker silos so that no air or liquid can pass in or out. Bosch Beton only supplies kits from Sika, a global expert in the field of sealants.

You can apply sealant yourself or leave it up to our experienced service team. For more information on application instructions or cost, please contact Bosch Beton at +31(0)342 – 44 10 50.

Coloured retaining walls

How about a green retaining wall or a painted bunker silo? There are countless options when it comes to the finish on your bunker silo.

Our special coating does not flake and has no (negative) effect on the silage. It makes your silo attractive by blending it with its surroundings. This coating does not affect quality at all. The C60/75 top-grade concrete in our Bosch Beton retaining walls remains unchanged.

For more information on our unique way of coating our bunker silos, please call one of our consultants on +31(0)342 – 44 10 50.

Bevelled retaining walls

Our bevelled retaining walls offer a practical solution. By default, Bosch Beton bevels its retaining walls half-to-half, i.e. the cutting line runs from the halfway point of the height to the halfway point of the length. All our retaining walls are available in different lengths. If you are interested in this special solution, please contact Bosch Beton on +31(0)342 – 44 10 50.

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