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History Bosch Beton

Our heritage

The foundations of Bosch Beton were laid by Gert van den Bosch in 1968. He started off making small concrete cattle grids for his own use in an area behind his farm in Kootwijkerbroek. At the time, all the work was done manually and casting was done with the help of an old-fashioned concrete mixer.

Over the years, Van den Bosch received an ever-increasing number of requests for cattle grids from local farmers. Bosch Betonindustrie BV was thus born. Not even ten years later, a factory was built for the manufacture of a large range of concrete cattle grids.

In the period around 1980, Bosch Beton expanded its activities to include the manufacture of bunker silo walls. These buttressed retaining walls were designed by Van den Bosch himself. He came up with this design to make his retaining walls even more robust and durable.

What we are now

Today, Bosch Beton is a professional company that has supplied more than 20.000 bunker silos to the agricultural industry in Western Europe. The manufacture process has been optimised and fully equipped in order to meet demand from the industry. This means that we are able to quickly and efficiently handle even the largest projects.

The quality of our logistical processes has developed at the same rate. In conjunction with our long-term transport and installation partners, we manage the entire process of the fast and professional installation of our retaining walls.

Our experience and input from our partners have further enhanced our products and services. Bosch Beton is a partner to its customers, a household name in the industry and a symbol of the very best in quality.

Managementteam Bosch Beton (Henk Hop (CFO), Gerard van den Bosch (managing director) en Brechtje van den Beuken-Van den Bosch (managing director)