• De servicedienst van Bosch Beton


Once a retaining wall has been erected, it does not need much maintenance. But if you nonetheless need our help to maintain quality, our service team can reach you in no time at all. Our service vehicles carry a range of equipment that we use to optimise the quality of your retaining walls. We make a name for ourselves thanks to our flexibility and our expert employees.

If you need our services immediately, we are also available to provide urgent help outside regular office hours. Besides our involvement in major projects, we are also available to work on smaller assignments.

Servicedienst Bosch Beton Op de foto van links naar rechts: Bessel Besselsen, Mark Middendorp, Rijer Varenkamp en Niek Heideman.

From left to right: Bessel Besselsen, Mark Middendorp, Rijer Varenkamp en Niek Heideman.